About Rachael

imageHi there!  I’m Rachael and I live in Rochester, New York (burrrrrrr). I am married to an incredible man who is my best friend and high school sweet heart (awww). I am a middle school English teacher, so yes, 10 months out of the year I am ridiculously busy.  The hubs and I have a FIVE furry little children – Jade & Maddie (of the kitty variety) and Ace, Lexi, and Callie (Beagles….of sorts).  We enjoy traveling, spending time on our boat in the non-snowy months, sports (as competitive as adult sports leagues get), running half marathons (ok, that’s just me, not the hubs), and our most recent obsession ——- CrossFit.

We started CrossFit with a Groupon for Boot Camp in April ’13. Seemed like fun – plus, we were curious about this new craze…CrossFit. A month later, we were emptying our pockets for a 6 month membership. BEST.DECISION.EVER.  That summer, we cleaned up our eating habits, cutting all processed foods and limiting sugar. It was great! We each dropped a few pounds and felt awesome. Then our box (CrossFit gym…for all you outsiders) announced that we would be participating in the LuRong Living Paleo Challenge. Now, I love to cook, and try new recipes, and who doesn’t want to drop some serious weight in 8 weeks. So we began our 8 week journey of strict….clean…paleo….eating (and cooking every.little.thing. we consumed for 56 days-168 meals-not that I counted). Within the first month, we saw some pretty crazy differences. And not just weight loss and magical muscles that appeared out of no where, but energy levels went THROUGH THE ROOF.image

Fast forward 5 weeks, and friends, family and strangers are asking me about Paleo and for recipes. A girl can only send out so many Facebook messages with meal plans and shopping lists. And apparently, the 900 recipes on my Pinterest are a little overwhelming when looking for a sweet potato soup recipe. Now, I’m not a paleo pro, nor do I live as strictly as I did the last 8 weeks-I love a big slice of cheese pizza way too much. It’s the only thing worth cheating for in my mind. But let’s be honest, the word of Paleo can be scary and daunting at first. Oh, and the time spent planning these new strange meals with ingredients you’ve never heard of…..let alone find in the store.

So, the idea was born. Share my weekly meal plans, shopping lists and creations. Along with an occasional rant or the inevitable funny story from my real job. Middle schoolers are hysterical. But let’s be real…if I could cook, work out, keep house and write about it all, that would be the best job ever. Yes…I know, I could totally do all of that if I had human children. Ha. No thanks. I’ll just keep wishing for more hours in the day to do all that I have to and all I want to do. And drinking more coffee. So enjoy. And hopefully you love the Paleo adventure as much as we do.image


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